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Feed pellet machine and feed machinery develop

With the continuous development of science and technology, people's living standards continue to improve, energy consumption and safety issues are becoming more and more serious, and national energy may be controlled this year. For the sake of our survival, for our good life, we should use these renewable energy sources, and at most, they will be converted into fuel. Because fuel can be used to reduce energy consumption and loss. Preventive measures!

First, product introduction

Feed crusher, feed mixer, horizontal feed mixing machine

Our factory's SKJ flat mold series 105 , 120 , 150 , 200 , 250 , 300 , 350 , 400 , 450 , 550 and other granule machines absorb the essence of domestic and foreign granule machines, heart parts "template" and "pressure wheel "It is made of high-alloy wear-resistant material and has a long service life; the transmission part adopts the car differential and the universal joint drive. Low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency and convenient operation are the first patented products developed by our company. The product is suitable for medium and small-scale farming, feed, organic fertilizer, chemical and other units or enterprises. It has low investment, quick effect and no risk. It is the most ideal particle processing equipment.

Good products must have good advantages.

Second, the characteristics of the pellet machine products

SKJ series granule machine is made by special process. The surface of the machine is smooth and clean, the hardness is moderate, and the particle size can be changed and adjusted at will. The internal ripening degree of the feed pellets can not only make the starch gelatinization, protein coagulation and denaturation, improve the nutritional quality of the feed, facilitate digestion and absorption, but also kill the common pathogens and parasites. By adjusting the compression ratio of the mold, the temperature of the granulation can be lowered, and granulation of low-temperature materials such as feed, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, and biological bacterial fertilizer can be produced. The granulated water is about 13% , and it does not need to be cooled and naturally cooled.

Good products must have a good understanding.

Third, the working principle of pellet machine products

(Taking the SKJ-150 pellet feed machine as an example)

The machine consists of Motor, drive shaft transmission, flat die, pressure roller, feed hopper, cutter and discharge hopper.

SKJ series pellet feed machine is based on mechanical circular motion. Diesel engine and electric motor drive the drive shaft. The transmission gear shifts to the main shaft and the template, so that the template wipes the pressure roller, and under the pressure of the pressed roller, the material Extrusion from the template hole, through the segmentation of the cutter, and finally rolling out the particles from the feed opening.

Good products must have good use and maintenance.

Fourth, the use and maintenance of the pellet machine

1. Before using the machine, first check if the screws of each part are tight.

2. Before starting the machine, loosen the two adjusting screws on both ends of the pressure roller, then start the motor and observe whether the rotation of the machine is the same as the marking.

3. Take 5 kg of bran, 25 kg of fine sand, and mix 5 kg of oil evenly. ( 105 , 120 type halved) First tighten the two pressure roller adjustment screws (the gap between the pressure roller and the template is 0.1-0.3 mm). Then, the machine is turned on, and then the materials are successively ground and polished several times, until the template holes are smooth and all the materials are discharged. After the machine is stopped, the residual material in the die hole can be opened with steel nails.

4. The granule machine is used. Stop the feeding before stopping. After the material in the silo is processed, add the oil-containing material into the hole of the grinding plate to keep the hole lubrication, so that it will not be blocked for the next use.

5. The length of the pellets can adjust the upper and lower positions of the cutter above the discharge port.

6. The content of grass powder in the raw materials of the machine shall not exceed 50% .

7. Under normal production conditions, the pressure roller bearing must be cleaned once with gasoline or diesel for five days, and high-speed lubricating oil is injected at the same time. The gear box is repaired once every six months, and the vertical shaft bearing is cleaned once every 7 days.

8. When replacing the granulator, the template should first remove the reverse nut. There are two symmetrical 8mm holes on both sides of the template hole . The template can be slowly ejected with the screw rod. If you feel strenuous, hit the template with a hammer and tap the screw to prevent the screw from breaking into the hole.

9. If the machine fails during production, please refer to the “Fault and Removal Method” on page 8 of the manual.

Good products must have good care

Five, matters needing attention

1. The operator should familiarize himself with the instruction manual, be familiar with the performance, structure and operation method of the machine, and install and debug according to the regulations, and use the maintenance.

2. Hard materials should be removed from the feed to avoid damage to the machine.

3. When raw materials are produced, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the transmission part and the granulation chamber .

4. Always check the wear of the flat die and the pressure roller .

5. When For service or adjustment of the particle inspection machine, must be cut off to ensure safety.

6. The motor must be grounded to avoid accidents .

Good products, can't avoid failures, must have good solutions

Sixth, failure and troubleshooting

Symptom Fault Cause Remedy

The output is too low ( even without granulation ) 1. The first time the flat mold is used , the mold hole has a poor finish.

2 material moisture content is too high or low

3. The gap between the press roller and the flat die is too large

4. The pressure roller or flat die is seriously worn

5. The V-belt is slippery or aging . 1. Lubricate with oil-containing material . The output will increase after working for a period of time .

2. Adjust the water content of the substance

3. Adjust the compression bolt

4. Replace

5. Tension or replacement of the V-belt

2. The powder contains too much powder 1. Low water content

2. The flat mold is excessively worn . The compression ratio is small 1. Increase the water content.

2. Replace the new flat die

3. Rough surface of the particles 1. High water content

2. The first use of the flat mold 1. Reduce the water content

2. Repeat grinding with oily materials

4. The sound is abnormal 1. Fall into the hard debris

2. Bearing damage

3. Parts are loose 1. Stop to remove foreign objects

2. Replace the bearing

3. Fastening parts

5. Sudden stop 1. The load is too large ( even the fuse is blown )

2. There is foreign matter entering the cavity

3. The voltage is low or the actual power of the motor is small . 1. Increase the clearance between the pressure roller and the flat mold , and replace the fuse.

2. Shut down to remove foreign objects

3. Replace the power cord or replace the motor

Good products must have good after-sales service.

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